Friday, April 3, 2009

In which I feel deprived

Having come to the momentous decision that 6:30 AM is way too early to be at work when I'm not expecting to leave until 7:00 PM my mind turned to other important questions.

Such as - did you ever notice how in books and movies the heating and cooling systems have huge-ass air ducts and large ceiling vents so that our heroes/heroines can hoist themselves up and crawl around? Usually with quick access in the restroom?

I'm in the restroom this morning here at work, and I look up and okay, there IS a vent over the actual toilet proper but it's so small that there's not a chance in hell anyone can get through that.

Also - How about the elevator at your workplace? Ever look up and check out the possible escape hatch - often used in movies to clamber out onto the top to do something involving the cables? In a bad SCIFI movie ookie creatures with large tentacles would be breaking through said hatch. In an action movie Bruce Willis could save the world with access to that hatch.

I took a look at our elevator and nope, Bruce would be shit out of luck there.

Note to self: Let's hope the ookie creatures with tentacles give my building a pass.

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