Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Season's Greetings - the review

I fear I congratulated myself too soon. Totally behind once again - tsk, tsk. I never got around to posting some reviews of Season's Greetings:

Click on the links for the full review:

Here's the concise cut from Well Read: Overall: A funny, charming story. What more would you expect from expert short story writer, Chrissy Munder? Grade: Excellent

From Tam's Reads: I really enjoyed this story. Russ is totally pissed off that he can't get Ian out of his head, he's trying to write Easter stuff while Christmas music plays, he lives in Florida where they don't get snow, everyone is so freaking cheerful it's making him nuts. He is my ideal character. Snarky, pissy and frazzled. And it was pretty funny.

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