Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday, Monday, Jiggedy Jigg

How was that weekend for you? Busy over at this end of things, I'll tell you that. Weather Gods laughed, Yahoo posting Gods laughed, a few margaritas late Sunday even I laughed!

Before I get caught up in the routine, oh lovely routine of another week, I wanted to stop and appreciate everyone I had a chance to chat with briefly at both Talking Two Lips and Ethan Day's Yahoo Group on Sunday. With my posts appearing upwards of an hour after I posted (can you tell that really bugs me, Yahoo?) they weren't the smoothest conversations I ever had, but each one meant a lot. New faces, old faces and some in between. The excerpts were all interesting and varied and I liked the way things were out and out fun.

Sometimes, we just need more fun.

Now, I'd best get busy because the way Tame is going through my backlist I'd better get something new finished.

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