Thursday, July 8, 2010

Excerpt Thursdays! Business Before Pleasure

Excerpt Thursdays! Recently I've received some email requests for excerpts of my older work. Thus is born "Excerpt Thursdays" where I will highlight excerpts from my backlist.

This short story in particular was a joy to write. The emotions in the opening scene left me feeling very raw after writing it. And I couldn't help but adore Bruce/Brian/Bryce and his masterful way of handling Joel!

Summary: Joel had worked with Bruce/Brian/Bryce for months and never given the other man a second thought - heck, he couldn't even keep his name straight! When a scheming co-worker tries to steal credit for one of Joel's ideas, a surprising offer of help opens his eyes to a way to keep more than just their customer satisfied. Rated a *Wet Dream*

Please click on the link and enjoy:

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