Thursday, August 26, 2010

Excerpt Thursday! A Simple Life

Welcome to another week and yet another Excerpt Thursday. Today’s snip will be from A Simple Life. This story has a very near and dear place in my heart. I first attempted to write it two years ago for a Valentine’s Day sub call. Feeling that I wasn’t doing the idea the justice it deserved, I set the story aside only to come back to it when it refused to leave me alone. In the end I wasn’t sure I brought out everything I imagined for the characters, but several readers’ responses gave hope I came close.

Read the 5 Star Review from Rainbow Reviews:

and this unexpected response from WellRead:

The summary also gave me a bit of trouble as it was difficult to decide what to say and what to leave out. Now a few years down the road I might have prepared a different summary, but that’s merely the joy of hindsight.

Summary: Frank wasn’t sure what to think when Clark gave him a present in a little white box. It wasn’t his birthday; it wasn’t their anniversary. But what he finds will become a precious piece of his life.

Click to read the excerpt: here

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