Thursday, October 28, 2010

Excerpt Thursday! A Halloween Tail

It's beginning to smell a lot like chocolate a/k/a Halloween! Excerpt Thursday has sent me pawing back into some of my older works. Stories that don't much play. I realized this when I opened my excerpt folder and found I didn't have a prepared excerpt for this story.

What? You mean I've never posted a snip to this story anywhere? *pets Lionel and Michael*. Sorry, guys! I love this story. Where else have I written lines like these:

Dark, curly hair. A soft growth of beard. Lines of character, lines of pain. And the eyes… I sighed. The man was a god. Hands down. No questions asked. Genetics had conspired to put together this perfect package that was lit from within with a kind of incandescent electric charge. At least, I felt like I was getting zapped.

Oh, that was just the Snickers bar under my ass. I shifted a bit to get more comfortable.

But I digress. That's not the excerpt I'm posting today. Sorry. Let's start at the beginning:

A Halloween Tail by Chrissy Munder

Summary: When Lionel gets strong-armed into baby sitting and taking his niece trick-or-treating, he suffers the humiliation of the big purple costume and follows through. Little did he know that the hideous purple tail would catch the attention of one black-dressed god!

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