Monday, November 8, 2010

Calibre or Mobipocket Creator? Which do you prefer?

Dipping a toe into the modern waters...or, yes, I'm finally getting a Kindle. Before anyone is too shocked I'm giving up my stone-age ways it's not that I plan to actually buy books from them or use the WiFi function - but I was looking for an inexpensive eReader that could contain my eBook/word document library already collected and give me text to speech functionality with a minimum of fuss.

While I understand I can send Kindle my pdf and word documents to have them converted and sent to me via email (see, still not taking advantage of the WiFi option as I'm far from any Wifi area), I also want to convert my own documents.

So, for anyone already happy and busy converting documents/eBooks themselves which software do you prefer? Calibre or Mobipocket Creator?

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