Friday, November 19, 2010

Lists! Oh wonderful Lists!

Are you a list person? I am. Not only do voluminous lists give me a practical use for all that stationery I can't resist (*T-shirt wearing member of office supply lovers anonymous*), but it lulls me into mistakenly thinking I have things under control.

Lists made so far today in between everything else:
-- menu for next week
-- which then led to the grocery list
-- which led to the bulk store list
-- holiday plans list for November/December including timing for gifts and cards
-- which led to the gift list for said holidays
-- and, of course, the card giving list
-- appts to get out of the way before end of year
-- exercise plan for December
-- shutting down the cottage list (needed for this weekend)
-- tools needed for various projects and plans involved in shutting down the cottage

and the lists go on.

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