Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Welcome to the November Edition of The Clare and Chrissy Show

Hello! Welcome to our special, interactive edition of The Clare and Chrissy Show. Other than any additional inches on our hips and the decorations that we might have not yet put away, Halloween is now a memory and the snowball of Holiday celebrations has started rolling. We’re counting on you to be the key ingredient in making this a special and interactive post, so please, grab your coffee and get ready, set and go!

Clare: Before we get caught up in the chaos and stress the end of the year always seems to bring, Chrissy and I would like to pause and reflect on a few special items that have brought us particular joy in the past year. (Image of Bunnies do Scream copyright by Misterlingo)

Chrissy: And share a few of our more humorous holiday happenings.

Clare: We’d like you to chime in as well...

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