Thursday, February 10, 2011

Excerpt Thursday! Odds Are in the Mr. Right Now Anthology (PG-13)

This week's burning question: Do you like to read anthologies, or do you usually run from them as fast as you can?

Brrrrrrr. Hello everyone! How warm is it in your part of the world? I'm running behind again, (still, as usual, etc.) but my frozen brain has decided that I should feature some excerpts this month from stories currently published in anthologies.

I read a lot of anthologies and enjoy the format, both as a reader and as an author. Imagine my surprise when a discussion among friends turned up that there are folks that don't care for them. We tossed the pros and cons around, and while I can understand a lot of the cons, I'm still firmly stuck on the pro side. How about you?

Odds Are available in the Mr. Right Now Anthology.
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Summary: Rick Page is renowned pulmonary specialist who normally would be pleased to be speaking at a yearly conference. But this year he’s getting over the end of a long term relationship, trying to cope with his non-phobic fear of elevators and regain his lost confidence. What are the odds he will run into the one man who can help him with all of these issues?

Click here to read the excerpt.

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