Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Head Cold Ramblings - Charlie Sheen & Lucky Charms

So much for the hope we'd avoid the dreaded February scourge. Ergh. To distract myself, I've been contemplating a few random issues. #1 - Why does every television, web, or radio channel I turn to have hourly Charlie Sheen updates, but I have to actively search for the tiniest bit of news re: New Zealand and the aftermath of the earthquake? That's a fail for me, media coverage.

#2 - WTF happened to Lucky Charms cereal? To recently celebrate a household success we purchased a roughly $6 box of Lucky Charms cereal. Trust me, you're better off not asking. But the horror! Remember when the marshmallows had actual shapes? While pleased to find that the ratio of marshmallow (marbits - did you know they had a name?) to oaty bits were more in balance than the last time we splurged, said marshmallow bits are just gross amorphous blobs. No more pink hearts, yellow moons, orange stars, and green clovers here.

Thank goodness Wikipedia was able to explain here.

Obviously a sign we need to get out more when it comes to our cereal purchases.

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