Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Naughty, Sexy, Fun Writers or Clare & Chrissy go NSFW June 2nd!

That's Clare London and Chrissy Munder. You know us, we chat, we write, and we laugh - a lot. We can't remember exactly how we got together, but the results have been explosive. In the fun way that is. And we are excited to once again share that fun and celebrate Pride Month with the Beth Wylde Yahoo Group.

Join us on June 2nd with our no-holds barred NSFW Day. That's right! From 12-6 pm EST we'll have NSFW Excerpts. Three NSFW Contests where you'll have a chance to win our eBooks as well as our almost-trademarked glittery swag bags. Plus, all Clare and Chrissy will be NSFW for your chatting pleasure. And yes, that's a lot of NSFW.

Click here to join the group and be approved for posting. Hope to see you there!

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