Friday, August 5, 2011

Haven't You Ever Wondered? Lists of Companies that Do & Don't Test on Animals

Because, seriously, it's 2011, people. Do we really still need to test a product that's already been repeatedly tested on animals? While not a card-carrying member of anything, periodically I remind myself of what products I choose to buy based on the latest lists. And yeah, it sucks because I hate finding my favorite on the lists of companies that do, and then having to find a new favorite that doesn't.  

  • For a list of Companies that DO test their Chemical and Products on Animals, click here
  • For a list of Companies that DO NOT test their Chemicals or Products on animals, click here
Keep in mind that many products claiming to be "cruelty free" or "not tested on animals" actually contain ingredients that have been, at some point, or are still being tested on animals, even before the cosmetic company purchased the ingredient. 

The alleged "cruelty free" claim often refers to the final product; however, the majority of animal testing occurs during manufacturing of the ingredient or through the supply chain. Therefore, these products actually contain ingredients where animals are subjected to chemical testing. Unfortunately there are large companies stating "we" do not test on animals, when in fact they are contracting to an outside source to conduct testing on animals. Labels and claims are still confusing and misleading to consumers. The above lists help to identify the large corporations still known to be subjecting animals to chemical and product testing.

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