Tuesday, January 3, 2012

It's only Tuesday?

I'm slowly wading back into the fray this week. :) Rather frustrated as I wanted to take another look at something I found out on the web xxx days/months ago. I swear I knew where to look - but now I can't find the darn thing. So much for telling myself don't favorite it, you have too many of those already. You'll find it again.

I don't really do resolutions for my new year. I do make plans and lists. Lots of lists. LOL. Still, I love reading other people's. Hmm, is that comparable to it being easier to clean someone else's house rather than your own? And grammar folk - should that 's be there after "people"? Just asking.

Anyway, fun things so far this week (and it's only Tuesday):

-- I won a free ebook from JMS Books LLC! That's a lovely way to start my new year. You can win too! Click HERE to learn how.

-- Not so fun! My computer has started giving me "unable to run scripts" messages everytime I turn around. Grrrrr.

-- Best advice I've heard yet: Kindly, Kindly, look to the new year.

-- Something to work on: 3 Easy ways to become more patient.

-- It's Clare London's Birthday Blog Bash! New posts and authors every day the entire month of January.

-- *Sigh* The beast horked up a wad of plastic packing tape. Let's all cross our fingers that was it, and there won't be a vet visit involved.

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