Friday, January 20, 2012

Just call me Grumpy.

You might think being laid low with this ridiculous illness would be a wonderful time to catch-up on some reading. Or, at least, I did. The truth is there's a severe lack of focus, patience, and general coherency that doesn't lend itself to a decent suspension of disbelief. And yes, my partners in plague told me so. No, we aren't good patients at the Munder household, especially when more than one of us is sick at the same time.

I gave up on trying to check my email today when I couldn't find the "mail/login" link on Yahoo, (turns out it wasn't just the fever - the link has moved to the right hand side of the screen)and turned back to the latest load of books from the library. I'm seven books into a series that overall I enjoy.

But, color me grumpy, the heroine in this series has now been knocked out in at least five (probably six, but I'll cut them some slack due to my delirium)of the seven books. Now, I know there are professional football players who have had their careers sidelined due to that many concussions and now face a lifetime of various brain issues. Yet here this broad goes, getting bopped on the head in yet another book. I complained about it after the third book and ratcheted up the rant after the fourth. Now I'm staring suspiciously at book number eight, not sure if I'm willing to risk it just yet. Because, seriously - if she gets knocked out again I won't be responsible for my actions.

Perhaps when the books are written, one every other year or so, this doesn't seem too apparent. But to a reader sitting down and consuming them one after another, this really stands out. And it's irritating. So, note to self: don't go for the quick and easy knock-out to move a scene along.

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