Thursday, February 16, 2012

Color Me Kindleccomplished!

WhooHoo!!!!! At last my Kindle project is done! Let me savor the sweet taste of accomplishment for a few moments. Now that it's all done I'm pretty darn sure there was probably an easier way, but I still feel remarkably pleased. Some of you may remember my giddy joy when, after a long period of decision making, I received my Kindle 3G (hey, do they even still make them?). I eagerly converted and loaded my ebooks, pdf documents, word documents, html get the idea. Mobipocket Creator and Calibre were my boon companions for many weeks.

Well, if you know me, or read my Twitter post over at Clare's blog in January, you wouldn't be surprised to learn that I ended up with a huge, unorganized mess. Since I didn't go near a WiFi connection for close to 5 months (I'm serious, really), and couldn't register said Kindle until I did, I wasn't able to immediately set up any collections.

Which led to my Kindle project this New Year. First creating appropriate collections, next opening each document to see what it was (sorry, my memory isn't that good), and then, finally, either adding the document to the appropriate collection or deciding that I didn't like the story enough to keep it on the Kindle, and removing it from the device to the archive.

My Kindle is now a lean, mean 1800 document bundle of organized and easy to find collections, and with the resolve to immediately put each new document into a collection when I add it to the device my dark and anal retentive little soul is well pleased.


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