Monday, April 16, 2012

Finding Love in Unexpected Places

Yes, I've found new love. Not with a person, or even a place. But with my new super-duper extra-comfy desk chair. Sounds odd, I know. Chairs aren't something I've given a lot of thought to. At work my chair, like my desk, was a hand-me down from the employee before me. You takes what you get (after you scratch all the weird, dried tape off).

Usually this means ending up with a small, rickety task chair, or secretary chair as they are sometimes called. You know the type, no arms, little seat, and littler back that's suposed to press right up behind your lower back for lumbar support. Turns out, by the time my rear graced the seat the hydraulics were shot, and any support had left the building years ago. I'd count myself lucky if all the casters were still there.

At home it's not really been much different. I'm a floor sitter. Always have been. Put it down to being the youngest of six, and lowest on the totem pole. Even now, I'm happiest crosslegged and on the floor, especially while reading or watching television. It's easier to play with the cat and the kids that way. Since we've not seen the top of our kitchen table in ages, I eat there most nights as well. A nice low Japanese table serves me nicely.

My desk chairs at home over the years have been second, third, or even fourth-hand items as well. It was never a matter of money or want, chalk it up to one of those things I never thought about. This chair was there, great. Repurposing, I think it's called. My last partner-in-writing had a back held on by several pieces of twine wrapped from one side to the other. (I think we were out of duct-tape, or I'm sure we would have used that for the repair.)

But, as part of a recent spate of fixer-upping we brought home a new chair. As in, never before out of the box. Oooooooohhhhh My. The things this chair has taught me. I never knew a waterfall seat aids in leg circulation. I never knew that a chair could take your weight, support your back, and leave you feeling like you are sitting on a cloud.

It's a desk chair, padded arms and all, and it's a man's chair. Big and Tall according to the paperwork. And boy, at the risk of giving you TMI - this puppy is happy to see me. The side cushions wrap around and say hello, the lumbar support actually supports, and all the tilts and whirls do their things.

Good times, people. Good times

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