Thursday, April 12, 2012

Playing Around with

Numbers and stats, oh my. More ways to please my checkbox marking little soul. I recently started playing with the website Based on the idea of "morning pages" from the book The Artist's Way, it's a website where users login every day and write at least 750 words of whatever is swirling around in their head. The theory is by getting all this out in a spontaneous, unfiltered dump you'll free your mind of all the surface crap currently clogging things up and get your ideas flowing. You'll also develop the habit and muscle memory to sit and write every day. All of this, private, unfiltered, and a surprising amount of fun.

The site offers daily points, checkmarks, badges, an interesting analysis of your subconcious/typing speed/# of distractions, and other external validations that end up hooking the anally retentive like a free supply of crack.

Share as much or as little as you like with others on the site. You can also export your entries, just in case you're free of subconcious crap and actually use the time to work on a current story.

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