Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Confessions of an Evernote Addict

While my partner in Clare-and-Chrissy Crime is busy getting ready for GRL (and avoiding the pet store), I thought this a good time to confess my latest addiction.

See that Green Elephant there to the left? Yeah, him. Baby, he has changed my online life. No, he hasn't managed to eliminate my anal retentive, just this side of appearing on the television show 'Hoarders', compulsive need to collect and organize. Instead, he's fueled it. Given it wings. Turned me loose in all the best ways.

Some of you may be surprised that I haven't come across him before. I guess I was just saving the best for last as I've tried other online organizers and web clippers. But they were clunky, unsatisfying, and a pain to go back into. But this guy? He's smooth. Slick. And so much fun. Are there even words to describe what I've been up to with him? Images, Recipes, and Articles galore. All my writing and research applications. Everything nice and tidy in a series of notebooks and tags. And, should I have more than one device that accesses the web, synced.

Did I mention he was free? *blinks*

Evernote. This my compulsive need to collect and organize information on meth.

Have you tried him? (If so, why didn't you tell me about him sooner?) Or are you a fan of some other online organizer?

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