Thursday, November 8, 2012

The lure of Halo 4 to a non-gamer

Just saw a television ad for Halo4 and all I can think is the same thing I always think: Man, I'd love to read that book/watch that movie.


Seriously folks, the last video game I played was Space Invaders. The original. On an upright, chest-high machine in a pool hall, and i sucked. Miserably. Nowdays, all the concept of sitting and playing a game on any kind of console does is fill me with complete and utter indifference. Yet, I watched that little clip and was immediately drawn in. Heck, that little 30 second commercial was a better science fiction fix to me than the last several movies I tried to watch.

Hmmm, do the folks at Halo offer transcripts?

Edited to add: Well, color me happy. Check out the Halo Book and Graphic Novel page at Amazon. Now, decisions, decisions.

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