Monday, June 17, 2013

Real Life just isn't this easy....

...But I sure wish it could be. Rather an odd, my life through video post today. Both of them illustrate a couple of things I *wish* life could be like. For the home front, there's this commerical from Lowe's:

Everyone who has ever faced the dreaded home improvement project can sigh, and say, "Oh, if only it were so easy to refresh and redo the house".  Man, I want one of those magic pens!!
(heheh, many thanks to the lovely for the email inspiration for this post)

And when it comes to writing, well, this scene from the movie "Limitless" definitely makes me green w/envy. Best visual interpretation of being in the "writing zone" I've ever seen. If only I could knock out some of these nagging, works-in-progress like that.

Okay, you got me. My house would love me to whip it into shape like that as well. How about you?

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