Thursday, June 26, 2014

One of those face-palm kind of moments

Ever have one of those moments where you all you can do is drop your face into your palms and mumble, "Oh dear,". Yeah. I'm having one of those today.  I opened up my email and for some reason looked at the top where it shows how many emails are unread throughout the folders and was surprised to see "2134". What? 2134 unread emails? Where? 

And that's where the face palm comes into play. Back in October when I was prepping to be offline for 6 months post eye surgery, I set up a series of filters for my email. You know, the cool app where if email comes in from x, it gets forward to folder y until you get a chance to go through it? I played around with it, became disgruntled when it didn't seem to be working out, shrugged, and then went on to the rest of my preparations like setting up a vacation response that would last until March of this year.

Well, golly. Apparently the darn things *did* work. 


This leads me to the next question of ... now what? Do I just delete it all sight unseen? If its been this long and I lived without it ...  Take a quick glance to see if anything or anyone important was shuffled off my accident? Ignore it all and see how many unread emails I can actually accumulate?

I'm leaning toward the first response. Like any kind of organizing perhaps it's best to move forward as I mean to go on rather than wading about in the past. 

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