Thursday, August 21, 2014

Adventuring we go!

Another week is galloping to the end, and I am, once again, woefully behind on completing my to-do list. While the obvious answer is to have a smaller list, some things simply MUST get done. I fuss at mornings such as today which while busier than *insert favorite busy cliché here* can't be considered very productive.

Time for me to buck up and accept I'm not going to reach my goal of having the 3rd Time rewrite completed by the end of August. Mainly because the Munder household is preparing to spend next week in the land of no cell, internet, or (sorry, clarelondon,) room service. The high point might be our questionable electrical connection. But there will be plenty of land clearing, deck painting, and other forms of manual labor guaranteed to make us question our sanity. (Seriously, have you ever stood there and held the rope as a xxx foot tall tree slams into the ground barely a foot away while the man w/the saw whoops it up? Definitely questionable sanity.)

Which means this week has been spent gathering together all the goods necessary to sustain me, Mr. Munder, and the fat boy. Hmmm, I honestly think I'm bringing more supplies for him than I am for us. But, packing is proceeding and at least those checklists are getting ticked off. I console myself with the knowledge that were I going to be home next week I would get the rewrite finished.

In the meantime, here are some of this week's fun links that I've not had a chance to do more than look at:

 - A nice article courtesy of The Write Practice where Carlos Cooper shares The 9 Things I Did to Become a Full-Time Writer. 

- Also via The Write Practice a gem from Joe Bunting who shares how This Writing Exercise Will Get You Unstuck Every Time. 

- Ever wanted to own your own lighthouse? I have. Here's link on how this Historic lighthouse near Mackinac Island could be your house. While the price seems quite reasonable, I'd be nervous on the cost of upkeep. But a gal can dream. 

- To celebrate our week of storms, check out Slovakian photographer Tomas Hulik - he combined all the lightning bolts within an 81-minute storm into one image. 

- I love trying new yoga practices, and offers some great free, full-length videos to enjoy.

Have a great week.

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