Monday, December 1, 2014

Let the Holiday Pimpage Begin! First up, The Reason for the Season

December 1, baby! Ready or not the Holiday season is upon us and I'd be remiss if I didn't do a little pimpage of my Holiday-themed titles. The Reason for the Season is one of my favorites as I wrote it during one of our first (and sadly, now all too commonplace "snowpocalypses"). A little bit road story, a little bit sweet romance, I was thrilled when it was offered in a Japanese translation last year by the magazine Dear+.

The Reason for the Season by Chrissy Munder

Available from Dreamspinner Press

Publisher's Link:

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The Reason for the Season: All college student Adam Everett is trying to do is get to his sister’s house for holiday break. First his car breaks down, then his ride takes off to Vegas with his gas money, forcing Adam to come up with a Plan C. His last hope is a campus ride exchange, where he ends up with the reluctant Michael Brennan. When a “snowpocalypse” forces them to share a motel room, they soon find out there's more than one reason for the chance happenings of the season.

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