Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Time for the obligatory 2014/2015 post

But then, there are so many good ones out there to read. Rather than going on and on I will say I'm satisfied with how 2014 went. Yes, there were some things that didn't come to fruition, but my goal is to celebrate what I did accomplish, not moan about what I didn't. I'm holding to that. Which means 2014 was a pretty damn good year. 

2015 is starting on a positive note as well. I'm almost surprised my goals (both personal and professional) are tangible, written, and carefully spaced out in my zippy new binder. Wish me luck!

Anyone thinking they want to work on their writing craft might consider a course from Savvy Authors, or a free course from Coffee Time Romance. If the time commitment is a roadblock check out the archives at Coffee Time Romance with classes from prior years. You won't get the feedback, but you can read/work through the lessons whenever you have time.

What went right for you in 2014? Do you have any plans for your New Year? What are you hoping to achieve? Go ahead and share so I can cheer you on.

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