Monday, November 16, 2015

Exploring the boundaries between us and our stuff

What a weekend! I hope you were able to get out and take advantage of this beautiful fall weather. We did more than our fair share of hither and yonning, and I've continued editing like a house on fire. Yay!

We also spent some time packing up five of my over-filled bookcases and now have 37 boxes ready to donate to the library. The contents of four other over-filled bookcases will be finding homes with friends and family, and then I have to contemplate the upstairs bookcases. *Whew*

It's been hard. I won't deny that. And letting go is a process. (I can't tell you how many times I've heard that pithy bit of advice. Well, guess what - It's true.) Doesn't matter if it's clothes, books, fishing gear, or even unfinished WIPs.

It is somewhat reassuring to learn those of us who err on the side of potential hoarding aren't alone, and that we can gently, and humorously accept our enthusiasms sometimes outstrip our available time and abilities. In light of that, I want to share a discussion from Gayle Goddard I found surprisingly helpful (and a bit too on point) over the last couple of months regarding the relationship between us and our stuff.

Do you find it hard to let go of "stuff"? Do you dread the thought of downsizing in both your regular and writing life? What has helped you find humor and balance?




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