Monday, November 2, 2015

The best laid plans - part #362

Isn’t this the way life goes? I’ve been offline for what seems like *ages*. No really. *Ages*. I hop back on here in November and I’m flush. Excited. High off my successful editing efforts and ready to implement all of the nefarious plans that have been swirling around in my fevered brain. We’re talking Posts. Excerpts. Sneak peeks. Polls. It’s gonna be a blast.
My computer has just stuck its virtual tongue out at me.
All I want to do is backup my stuff to the hard drive to close out the old month. Move some files around after that. Instead, I’m getting the dreaded right-click hangup and freeze.
Does it know I’ve been thinking it’s time to get a new one?
All those plans? Kinda on hold right now.

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