Wednesday, February 1, 2017

February! It's the new January.

Or so everyone keeps telling me. Now, to really  impress me let's have it be 2017! It's the new 2014! Because that's how behind I truly feel. But hey, no whining. Life is chugging along, the writing is chugging along, and I have great hopes that someday I'll figure how to get a handle on this editing thing without really being able to see my words.

I had great hopes for the new year and my social media feeds, but in the end, it appears that I'm still putting my main focus on writing and learning appropriate visual adaptations in that area. Social media is fun, but if you love me, you email me or nudge me on Twitter. Anything else is hit or miss at best.

But enough about that, let's talk about you! How's your New Year going? Winter? Friends and favorite authors? What's ahead for you this year that has you excited? Take a sec and share what you're up to in 2017. Or, what year you wish it really was.

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