To the home of my erotic, and most days, M/M romance. Here you'll find free fiction, information and updates on my published releases - both old and new, links I find amusing, and almost any other stray thought that crosses my mind.
Published in a variety of formats, including short story, novella, anthology, and novel length in print and eBook, I write a little of everything that strikes my fancy. Depending on the day this may include romance, scifi, contemporary erotica, even a little horror on occasion. But overall I prefer to focus my writing on three key aspects of life: LOVE, LAUGHTER, AND DESIRE. I believe we can never have enough of those three elements and with them there isn't anything life throws at us we can't handle.

There's always going to be a touch of humor in all of my writing - even if it is a bit skewed at times. Be prepared!
But this isn't all one-sided. One of the joys of being published is the opportunity to share my love of romance and interact with like-minded souls. That means you! So, please, send me an email, find, friend, or follow me on the web, and catch me live every Tuesday  @ChrissyMunder . Just Tweet me and say hi.
Together we can spread the magic of romance without regard to gender.