Chrissy Munder

I usually try to let my writing speak for itself, but I've been told some personal info might be amusing to my readers. Never let it be said I stood in the way of anyone's amusement! So, for the curious, here's a little background on your's truly.


An avid reader, you'll never find me without a book or seven scattered about. Or, in keeping with the modern age - a Kindle Keyboard, a Kindle Paperwhite, and more recently, a Kindle Fire close at hand. There are those who might tell you I started writing as a way to justify my office supply fetish, but we won’t listen to them.

I'm a lover of lists, a wanderer of Michigan's wilderness, and perpeturally behind. Except when it's time to feed te cat.

Forced to become a practicing realist in an effort to combat my tendency to dream, I am a firm believer in the transforming magic of romance in all its many guises - whether it be het, m/m or f/f and appreciate the opportunity to share my love of romance and fiction.

Even after living in more states than I have fingers to count, I tend to set a fair portion of my fiction along the Western Coast of Michigan and I always try to highlight a few interesting aspects of the coast in my stories.

Please, come with me and share the magic.
While not wildly prolific as a guest blogger, I'll admit to having some fun across the web. Interested? Click on a few links.

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